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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

LOVE when this happens!

This evening Greg, Lauren and I were out to dinner. Ryan had a sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa since Lauren has an 8am doctor's appointment. (Why the heck to I schedule these things so early? I am not a morning person!)

While we were all eating two women were leaving and they stopped to say how cute Lauren was. One of ladies started to turn to leave and then turned back around..

"I have a son. He's 20!" In Down syndrome language (haha) this means I have son with Down syndrome. The last part isn't needed.

It was so nice of her to stop and talk with us! She said he's 20, he has a tattoo, piercings, hangs out with his friends and wants a girlfriend. She said life is totally normal for them. She was bummed that her son wasn't with her, he usually goes out to eat with them but didn't feel like it tonight.

I thanked her for stopping to talk to us and said it's really nice for us to hear from people a little further down the road.

 She simply shrugged and said, "We're all family."

Isn't that amazing?


  1. I know I love it too - almost always, except for this one time when the person gave me a laundry list of their adult child's problems and expressed amazement that Cate was potty trained (she was 5 at the time).
    It doesn't feel like a kind of family sometimes - I am oddly proud of every stranger with DS who is living their life with joy & success just like if I knew them.