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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eye Doctor

Lauren had her first eye appointment today!

She actually did pretty good! She just hated the eye drops and hated having the lights shined in her eyes. But when they played the TV in hopes of getting her to look straight (which didn't work, she's not interested in TV) she danced to the music! It was SO adorable!

She has an astigmatism in both eyes but worse in the right eye. She has a light prescription need but nothing to correct "yet". The doctor emphasized that last part. She wants to see us back in 4 months (May 14th) and we'll most likely be talking early glasses at that point. We'll get to be twinsies!

I'm blind as a bat and Greg was too before he had Lasik. Girlfriend doesn't stand a chance!

The office staff was a bit under-friendly though, which I really dislike in a doctor's office. We've been in a lot of them and I don't think it's too much to ask. The student doctor at the appointment asked if Lauren was "Crawling, cruising or walking" and when I said no to all three she said, "What?! She's not crawling?!?!" It was pretty much the same tone that you would say, "She's a serial killer?!?!" So annoying! Whatevs.

Otherwise, Lauren is doing great! We've been dealing with major constipation issues that have been ongoing since we switched to formula in April. We've tried prune juice, apple juice, massage, you name it. At the suggestion of Lisa, Lauren's early intervention therapist, we tried bran cereal. Lauren loves it and it works perfectly! Her pediatrician was becoming concerned that the issues with constipation would cause issues with potty training later on so we're happy for a solution!

Speaking of potty, we're potty training Ryan! He's done pretty good so far. I'm so proud of him! He's not telling us that he has to go yet but he goes almost every time we put him on the potty. He gets to watch trains on Youtube if he goes so it's a big deal for him!

The best news of all: Greg and I booked our dream honeymoon! The kids are going to have fun with Grandma and Grandpa. We were originally planning to take a big trip in October 2013 for our 5th anniversary but realized Greg would be in school. So we're going early instead- this spring! We did a weekend away for our real honeymoon and always said we'd do a big trip. Well, we really are! We figured we have had a very busy marriage so far- nursing school and 2 kids, not to mention the stress of a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis, heart surgery, a lengthy hospital stay, etc. Life has been busy! So we're spending 7 nights at an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana in the Domincan Republic! Needless to say, WE ARE SO EXCITED!

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  1. Congratulations on both of your children's strides and the upcoming vacation. A resort vacation sounds heavenly. Be sure to share pics!

  2. FYI we were on bump together while pregnant and my littler twin still doesn't crawl, cruise or walk so she is in good company:)

  3. And I'm guessing yours is also not a serial killer ;)

  4. Thanks for sharing. I would really love to learn more about finding a good eye doctor in Orland Park. I think I might want to get checked out for color blindness.