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Thursday, April 19, 2012

All clear from the surgery peeps!

Yesterday we had Lauren's follow up with the surgical nurse practitioner. Lauren is basically amazing, but you already knew that!

She's doing awesome, her incision area looks great, chest x-ray was perfect and she weighed in at an even 8lbs! They'd like to see her gaining weight a little faster so it looks like there will be no sleeping through the night at this house for the time being. Dang it! I think she'd do it too, if I was able to let her. They're fine with me leaving her NG tube out which is great, I really thought they'd want me to put it back in!

We also had a weight check at her pediatrician (nothing like 3 appointments in one day, right? Surgical visit, x-ray, and pediatrician) and we got to see my favorite pediatrician! We've been seeing her since our son was born so I'm thrilled that she's available to see Lauren too. I love this woman. She never even really mentioned Lauren having Down syndrome. She just said, "Lauren may need a few more specialty appointments than Ryan but everything else can be managed here." We got referrals for Early On (our state's early intervention program) and for Lauren to see a pediatric opthamologist in a few months.

Her pediatrician decided to do another hearing test, even thought we see the pediatric audiologist in October. Lauren passed!!! People with Down syndrome tend to be a little more prone to ear issues due to small ear canals so that's why we'll see an audiologist. I had hearing loss as a kid (and had tons of ear infections, tubes in my ears finally fixed the problem) and it sucked, so I'd like to be on top of any of hearing issues as much as possible.

I also ventured out for the first time today on my own with both kids! We went to MOPS at church and get this....we were ON TIME!!! It was wonderful to see everybody and I loved getting to introduce Lauren to so many women who have prayed for her since before she was born. I also got to play with Ryan outside since the weather was gorgeous. It was an awesome day!


  1. Yep - our kiddos are rock stars! Glad she continues to do so well!

  2. Lauren is just doing amazing! I have read so much of her story and she is just a little miracle!