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Monday, April 2, 2012

Update over the last few days

The last few days have gone really well! Lauren hasn't had any fevers or anything and there is no sign of infection. They've been able to wean her morphine from 80mcg/kg/hr (micrograms per kilogram per hour. Just the dosage info!) to 15mcg/kg/hr! That's really great and she's been very comfortable. I even got a little hint of a smile today when I was holding her!

Unfortunately her left lung collapsed after she came off the ventilator (I promise that sounds a bit scarier than it really is) and she's now on a machine that blows high pressure oxygen into her lungs to open up the alveoli (small sacs in the lungs that actually hold air!). She's done really well with it and her lung is definitely getting a lot better! It definitely adds time to our ICU stay which is a bummer but slow and steady wins the race :)

I actually got to help with giving her a bath today! It was such a normal mommy thing to do, I loved it. So did she! She's like a mermaid the way she loves water. I cannot wait until I can give her real baths again and she can be fully in the water! It's very calming for her, she loves it. It was so great to get to bathe her and hold her on the same day!

We don't really have any type of timeline yet as to when we'll be out of the ICU and when we'll get to bring her home. But the nurses have been mostly awesome which helps a lot! There isn't really a great place to sleep in the ICU because the area we're in is a big open space with curtains separating the beds so I've been going home at night. Which has actually been great because I'm spending more time with our awesome 2 year old! I have really missed tucking him in at night and waking up with him in the morning and I know he's missed it too. He's been such a trooper! He got to visit his baby sister today in the ICU and was very happy to see her!!! (For about 2 seconds, he is a two year old afterall)

I'll try to update every few days and I have pictures to add at some point :)


  1. So glad things are heading in the right direction, albeit slowly. And so glad you got to snuggle her. I remember how I felt the first time I got to hold mine afterward. Priceless.

  2. Stay strong Lauren and mommy! The toughest obstacles in life are also sometimes the most rewarding ~ Lauren will overcome this and you will never take your children for granted after experiencing this, even on trying days...every day is a gift and you have embraced that beautifully :)
    Praying and sending positive vibes...