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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Lauren started preschool today!! Isn't that insane?

She's going Monday-Thursday from 9-12. She'll take the school bus home.

Today was mostly a meet and greet, we met her teachers. There are a TON of teachers for her classroom. 2 teachers and 2 para's plus PT, OT and ST teachers. PT/OT/ST will be push-ins throughout the day.

She's the only kiddo with Down syndrome in her class. She's actually the only kid in her class with a visible disability. The classroom is mostly SLI kids (speech language impaired). She's also the youngest (I think) and definitely the smallest. They were passing out the bus harnesses and seemed kind of panicked when they got to Lo. Luckily I jumped in to reassure them that she's getting her wheelchair next week for bus rides! She'll be in a car seat until then. She's much too small for the harness.

She really seemed to enjoy it! It was only an hour long today and parents stayed the whole time. She played with the toys, sat at the chairs and true to form, licked a couple of the tables. The teachers seem really awesome.

I'm sad to actually leave her there tomorrow and trust strangers to get her home. But I'm so, so excited for her at the same time. Preschool was one of my biggest worries when we got her diagnosis. I'm so glad she gets to have this experience!!

Don't worry, I took pictures!

Walking into school! WALKING!!!

Sitting at the table playing.

Playing with a classmate.

Loving preschool.

Bye, mom!
My heart is glad.

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