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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Woo Hoo!

Lauren had her ENT appointment this week where we were going to schedule surgery to put tubes in her ears. She's never had an ear infection but she has fluid in her ears and has tested with hearing loss.

She actually tested within normal hearing today with the audiologist. What?! I know!

She has fluid in the right ear with some diminished hearing but right on the cusp of normal. Her left ear is totally clear. Crazy! She was actually so tired after the audiologist that she slept through the ENT appointment. She didn't even wake up while he looked in her ears and usually fights him like crazy.

Our ENT said he usually jumps at the chance to put tubes in the ears of kids with Down syndrome because this is such a critical time for language development, but Lauren really doesn't need them yet.

"She'll do great without the tubes so far. Well, she'll do great no matter what actually!"

THAT is the kind of doctor you want taking care of your kid, huh?

Tubes are really not a huge deal, I had them twice. But it's still surgery and I want to avoid it as long as we can.

Lauren has also started this new game and it's SO CUTE! She sucks her thumb. Then she tries to stick her cute little thumb in your mouth so you can suck her thum. Adorable! And if you don't play along she wiggles it around until you do. She was pretty disappointed when my mom's dog wouldn't play along yesterday, haha.

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