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Thursday, March 21, 2013


On the Down syndrome message/support board I post on somebody recently posed a question;

Will our kids have Down syndrome in heaven?

Will Lauren have Down syndrome in heaven?

I one hundred percent believe that she will. I would be devestated if she didn't. In heaven we will all apparently be healed of everything wrong and we will be restored to how God made us.

God made Lauren with an extra chromosome. I can't even begin to think what she would look like without it. Would her almond shaped eyes still crinkle in the corners when she smiled? Would her neck still be extra kissable? Would her arms still be just a little short? Would her hair still part naturally on the side? I love all of these things about her.

What about her personality? Would she still wave at strangers? Blow kisses to street signs? Would she be as determined and stubborn if she didn't have to work quite as hard?

See, I can't imagine that Lauren would still be Lauren without any or all of these things. And who am I to decide if Down syndrome gave her any of these qualities and quirks? So, will Lauren be "free" of Down syndrome in heaven?

I think it's far more likely that all of us will have Down syndrome in heaven.


  1. I totally agree with you! Did/do you read Dave Hingsburger's blog? On his post today I said almost the same thing! http://davehingsburger.blogspot.com/2013/04/concrete-prejudice-you-decide.html