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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Smarty Pants!

Lauren had another eval by EI today to officially qualify for PT and update her IFSP. Ryan helped the whole time, it was adorable!

She is scoring in the 6-9 month range for social skills, cognition, gross motor and fine motor. She's scoring in the 12-15 month range for feeding and speech! Eating is her strong point (she gets that from me) and has two signs and two spoken words. Not bad for 13 months old!

I'm so hapy with this evaluation. There were no surprises, I knew that's where she'd score for everything. I'm thrilled that PT starts soon! It will start when we get back from our Florida vacation in 2 weeks.

I am so proud of her and everything she's accomplished since her last IFSP meeting! I remember thinking that she'd never be able to sit up by herself and now she has perfect posture. I also remember laughing at the though of her self-feeding. Today she ate a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch!

She had some fluid in her right ear and scored mild-moderate hearing loss in that ear last week at the ENT. Well she was super cranky this week and one morning woke up with a lot of green/orange crusties in that ear. I think maybe the fluid was just draining because she seems to respond to voice much better on that side now! And she has no symptoms of an ear infection so I don't think that's what was going on. She's also back to her normal, chatty, happy self. She keeps reclining on one side with her head resting on her hand, which makes her look like a sassy mermaid. It's hilarious! I keep trying to get a picture but I think she's developing her brother's spidey-sense about cameras.

I am just so happy today, despite the fact that I am functioning on coffee alone since I worked last night and tonight and Greg's a bit under the weather.

Sometimes a baby just needs some mommy snuggles! Or maybe it's the other way around :)

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  1. So sweet to see you with her. Nice results. It's funny that they actually give you numbers. I kind of like it that our evals don't. Partly I say I already kind of know, so I don't need to hear it. And I think partly because I know that as she gets older, the gaps get bigger. I don't like the idea of seeing that discrepancy grow. Anyway... glad you're happy and hope that you get some better results on hearing. Are they wanting to do tubes?