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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sibling love

I'm in a better mood now than the last time I posted, thankfully. Getting all of that off my chest felt good. Honesty feels good.

Today has been a busy, yet fun day! We went to Baby Group at the Early Childhood Development program school. We normally don't go because you can't bring siblings and it's on a morning where Greg isn't home. He's off for spring break so we went. Also, Lauren's teacher recommended that she be evaluated by the physical therapist for added PT services. Now that she's offically a year old and refuses to bear weight on her legs she qualifies for PT. Right now she sees a teacher who does weekly home visits.

I took Lauren to baby group a couple of times over the summer and wasn't impressed. It's busy and largely unorganized and I didn't feel Lauren got a whole lot out of it. We learned a few things but I just continued those at home. Today wasn't much different, honestly. But I really wanted to see the PT!

We saw the PT and she just said, "Lauren's not ready to stand up yet. She's not interested" and that's kind of it. So I assumed that she wouldn't be getting additional services. I was disappointed.

But then when Lisa, Lauren's teacher, came over today she said that Lauren will be getting PT services! I'm very happy about that. I'm not sure when that starts or what needs to happen administratively to re-open her IFSP. I didn't think to ask.

Lauren's home visit went great today, as usual. I am so thankful for Michigan's Early On services. Having a whole team of people who really care about Lauren meeting her goals is amazing. Invaluable, really. Lisa brought over this little wooden chair today for Lauren to sit in to practice putting some weight on her legs. She looks like a little grown up!

She's been talking up a storm today, it's so cute. She will NOT say mama though! I say, "Lauren, say mama!" She cocks her cute little head to the side and proudly says, "Dada!" I almost think she does it on purpose.

Ryan has been playing with Lauren a lot more too. It's adorable! Now that she's more interactive and chatty I think he relates to her a lot more.

Be still my heart.

I said, "You guys are the best!"
Ryan: "We know, Mommy!"


He really loves her! That is such an amazing feeling that I can't even describe.

Today is a great day!


  1. Aww she looks like such a big girl in that chair!! So cute :)

  2. She does look like such a big girl! Hailey did the dada thing forever....I truly believe it was on purpose!