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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Lauren!!!

Today my smiling, blue eyed, sweet baby girl is a year old!

I can't even believe that she's mine to keep. There were days I couldn't let myself believe we'd make it this far. Lauren has taught me to trust God, have patience, enjoy life and love deeply.

Her party was Saturday and it was amazing! I'm sad to say that I didn't take any pictures! I think my wonderful mother in law did so as soon as she puts them up I'll put them here! We had an awesome time with our family and friends. Lauren ate pizza, meatballs and cake!

Today for her actual birthday we're just hanging out. Ryan and Lauren are excited to go to Babies R Us to shop around with Grandma Pam and Baby Cousin (so am I!) and Lauren has therapy at 2:30 :)

This is the life!