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Friday, December 23, 2011

Growth scan today

Happy 31 weeks to Lauren and me!!

I had a growth scan with the high risk team today to check on Lauren's weight, anatomy and to see what percentile she is in for size.

My mom got to come with me which was amazing. She hasn't seen an ultrasound in 25 years and was shocked at all the details we could see!

I was honestly terrified about this appointment. I was afraid she'd be growth restriced, which can increases chances for a premature delivery and indicate issues with the umbilical cord and/or placenta. I was afraid duodenal atresia would pop up. I felt guilty for being so nervous and not really excited. But a fellow poster on the Down syndrome pregnancy message board I post on put it so well. She said it's because I don't have the "safety net" that most people have. You know, the feeling that nothing bad will happen to you and that it only happens to other people. My baby has to have open heart surgery. That's scary! I was so afraid of getting bad news again.

The ultrasound went well!!! Lauren's long bones (arm and leg bones) are still measuring a couple of weeks behind, which is pretty common for babies with Down syndrome. Her head is measuring right on track and her belly is a couple of weeks behind. Her umbilical cord and placenta look "beautiful". Her estimated weight so far is just over 3lbs!! That's more than I weighed when I was born, I was a teeny tiny 2lb 12oz preemie.

She's measuring in the 9th percentile, which is usually considered growth restriced. The doctors I see said that they really aren't too concerned and don't consider her growth restricted at this point because her femur (leg bone) measurements play a lot into percentile calculation. She she's just my tiny little peanut!

The doctor actually said, "We don't see anything of concern other than her heart at this point. She looks great!" That is such a wonderful thing to hear and is truly the only Christmas present I wanted this year.

I go back to see the high risk teams for a growth scan and fetal echo to check out Lauren's growth and heart on January 12th. I start twice weekly doctors appointments to monitor her extra closely next week. Hopefully all of these doctors visits make the next 8 weeks fly by!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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