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Monday, December 19, 2011

60 Days or Less

I just realized that today marks 60 days or less until Lauren arrives!!!

I am SO SO excited!! I think I'm even more excited than the first time around since I know how amazing it is to be a mom.

I'm going to be a mom of TWO kids! Awesome! And terrifying. Ryan turned 2 yesterday and I can't believe it's possible that he's already reached that milestone, much less that he's going to be a big brother in just 2 months.

My sister and I were talking about how weird it will feel for me to say "My kids" rather than "My son". I am so excited. Greg is painting the nursery this week so we can start decorating and get everything together. My goal is to have the nursery and the rest of our house in order by December 31st so we can start the new year out with no projects on schedule!

I have a growth scan this Friday to check out Lauren's growth and estimated weight to see where she is percentile-wise for gestational age. I'm REALLY hoping and praying that she's right on track. If she's measuring too low on the charts she'll be considered growth restricted which can up our chances of a premature delivery. Please pray that everything looks great on Friday! My mom gets to come to the ultrasound this time. I think she'll be pretty surprised at how different ultrasounds are from when she had me 25 years ago! Hopefully we get a nice tech who will flip on the 3D imaging for a little bit! We'll get to see the new women's/children's hospital as well. It was supposed to open last month but they were a month behind schedule so I'm pumped to see it this time.

Also, next week starts my twice weekly visits and non-stress testing. Please pray that Lauren passes them all with flying colors.

I'll update again after my appointment on Friday. Thanks for reading!

Wait! I almost forgot to tell everyone some GREAT news! RYAN AND LAUREN ARE GETTING A BABY COUSIN!!!! Yep, my twin sister is expecting a baby in July! It's been a long time coming, praise God!

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  1. This post made me teary-eyed (I know, most things do these days) and my baby is so so lucky to have your beautiful kiddos as big brother/sister/cousins! :)