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Saturday, May 20, 2017

We're at Disney!

We're in Orlando on a much anticipated family vacation and having a blast! It's the 5 of us (including Monte), Grandma and Grandpa (Greg's parents) and Uncle Blake, Aunt Wendy, and Baby Xander!

The kids did mostly awesome on the plane, save for Lauren getting bored and wanting to get up and wander around. Monte did AMAZING and I was worried for nothing, Delta Airlines was SO accommodating and awesome with him. They even offered him water and cheese (we declined).

We went to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and had so much fun. Lauren loved the Magic Carpet Ride. She and I only stayed at Hollywood Studios for about 30 minutes before meltdown city, we spent the rest of the day watching movies back at the condo. We didn't bring Monte that day and left him with Grandma and Grandpa, so I'm wondering if he wouldn't have helped a little with tolerating the sounds/sun/heat for Lauren. Ryan was super brave and went on Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Hollywood Tower of Terror, and Indiana Jones! Monte did great at Magic Kingtom, it was super duper hot so we gave him plenty of air-conditioned shop breaks and lots of water.

The kids have really loved the swimming pools here at the condo and there's even a great splash park. The kids have been eating their weight in ice cream and fruit snacks, like in any successful vacation. It's been a really great time!

It's stressful for me because our house is currently listed (went active on Thursday). But at least we're not home while we're showing the house! We're hoping we get a great offer while we're gone so we can put that stress behind us a little bit. So please pray for that!

Another fun thing is that Lauren's speech is always improving and it's so fun to see that while on vacation. Lauren now says "Gwamma" instead of "Gaba". She asked for her glasses when she was sitting on the balcony so she could "see birdies". She has also started calling me by my first name which is totally hilarious and she knows it! Ryan has been a great brother and has been playing with her so much while we're in the condo and at the pool.

My heart is full!

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