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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kindergarten IEP

We had Lauren's kindergarten IEP yesterday. We reviewed her MET and planned for services next year. Lauren's preschool team loves her so much and really believes in her capability, so it was awesome walking into a room full of people who believe in her.

Kindergarten will be in the cross categorical classroom, meaning there will be kids with different IEP classifications in her class, and it is considered a self-contained classroom. However, she got the same teacher I met a couple weeks ago and toured her classroom, so this makes me so excited! I know this teacher will help us to facilitate meaningful inclusion during her school day. We'll work out the particulars of that once the school year gets started. It's also going to be at the school I wanted, so that makes me really excited as well!

I'm really excited for her to enjoy the rest of this school year and get started in her summer programming (we do a private summer program that consists of academics, PT, and OT; this will be her 3rd summer). Then onto elementary school.

Where did the time go?

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  1. I am excited for Lauren and her cross-cat experience. :) We talk about it every year and always decide to keep her in the M.O.C.I. program. This year was the same. Her school has so many built in communication tools and she doesn't call out to her teachers when she needs something. She will move on on her own or just look towards her teacher. We are also concerned about her sensory tolerance. We had a rep come from our home school district though and that was really nice. She seemed really happy with this school and advised me to listen to Mya's teachers. So that is what we will do. Mya will continue to receive PT, OT, Speech and vision. And they will watch her closely to be sure she doesn't try to escape by climbing over the fence at recess. Full day of Kindergarten here we come.