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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Days like today

Days like today make my heart so happy and feel blessed beyond measure.

Ryan asked for a baby party, which means he and Lauren play in his bed with all of his stuffed animals. He willingly kissed her, hugged her, tickled her and they pretended to sleep. He shared his toys with her so well and they both had so much fun. Lauren cried when she banged her lip on my shoulder and Ryan said, "let me wipe away your tears Lauren". 
I think I was speechless! How incredibly sweet! She always wants to be around him and he's been so much more receptive to playing with her lately. I'm sure it's because she's able to play more now that she's older and more mobile. 

I feel so incredibly blessed that we got two amazing children only two years apart. Times like this make me wish so much that we could add another child to our family right now, I'd love to have another two year age gap. I feel selfish sometimes for wanting a third when I know many people that would give anything for just one. I know how lucky I am to count my amazing little ones as my greatest blessings!

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