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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

She climbed!!

Lauren climbed! (Clomb?)

We were waiting for an hour at the eye doctor today and Lauren was being her normal friendly self...She tried to brush a stranger's hair with her Barbie brush, share her goldfish crackers, the usual. The waiting room is set up for kids and adults to wait while their eyes dilate. Lo was the only kid waiting, so they turned on Tangled (which she actually watched and loved!) and she roamed around. There are these little cube chair things. I looked away for a second (to find the random goldfish she was tossing around) and looked over to see this!

What?! Luckily she was more than willing to show off her new skill so I could get a picture. She just started cruising on the furniture, so this is a big jump!!
I am one proud mama! 21 months old and climbing :) She was happy too and kept clapping for herself. Then she kissed the TV, the wall, the table and three chairs in celebration. What a sweet pea!

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