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Thursday, June 20, 2013


My sister entered my mom into a contest to win a free photo shoot for Mothers Day. She won!! The photographer, Sarah, is AMAZING. Obviously, since she got Ryan to actually look at a camera. Here's a link to her page!

So far we have sneak peeks. And here they are!

Seriously?! I am obsessed with these two. How did Ryan morph into a kid so quickly?! He has been such a wonderful brother lately. He calmly sat down next to Lauren earlier this week and gently brushed her hair out of her face and removed her little hangnail. Seriously? I melted!

And I can't help but look at this gorgeous picture of Lo and wonder how on earth anyone could choose to have an abortion simply because of Down syndrome. (Disclaimer: My views on abortion as a whole are not something I prefer to touch on here at MeetingLauren.) I just don't get it. I don't. Look at her! She is absolutely perfect. Beautiful. I don't have enough words for her. "Perfection" comes close to describing how I feel. My life is so enriched by her. I have so much patience now that I never thought I'd see. I am a better mom to Ryan now too because I think she's taught me that it's okay to slow down and just enjoy each moment. I don't know that I ever quite realized before I had her that it's really okay to live life in such a way to soak up as much enjoyment as possible, regardless of how long it takes. It makes me sad that I rushed Ryan through so much of his baby years. Why was I in such a rush for him to fall asleep without rocking him? 

The best way I can think to describe Lauren's personality is "sunny" and this picture captures that sentiment perfectly. I say this with 100% honesty- if I could clone her I would. If I could be promised another baby exactly like Lauren, I would have ten of them.

My mom told us today that when we got Lauren's diagnosis she and my dad were so incredibly sad. Not for Lauren, but for Greg and I because our lives would be "so hard". Today she said, "What were we thinking?" We can laugh about that now! Life is not harder! Life is better because of Lauren. Truly.

Greg and I were actually talking today about how fun of  a kid she is. It's ridiculous. She is our unexpected blessing. We had no idea our lives could ever be like this when we first found out that Down syndrome would be a big part of our lives. Lauren is just a joy to be around and she almost demands joy from those around her. Today at the grocery store we were stopped 3 times so customers and employees could say hi and we were only there for about 20 minutes!

I'm re-reading a really touching, funny and poignant trilogy that I first read when Lo was only a few months old. It's by Sherry Boas. It's the Lily Trilogy. I'm on the first book (again) called Until Lily. The character of Lily is a beautiful woman named Lily with Down syndrome. It's fiction but reads like a memoir. I've been in tears laughing, in tears of sadness and in tears due to a sense of wistfulness that sits heavy in my heart. I REALLY love these books and I think everyone should read them. Especially if you have a child, niece, sibling or friend with special needs.

Ah, enough rambling for now. I promise I'll post lots more pictures when we get them all back!!


  1. That photo of Lauren made me smile so much. You are certainly blessed to have such beautiful children. It's funny, my name is Lauren and I have a brother called Ryan!

    1. I am so blessed. I love that you're a Ryan/Lauren pair too!

  2. The photos are gorgeous! You have such a beautiful family!!! www.plantskinny.com