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Monday, June 3, 2013

Mother of the Year Award!

And the award goes to.... Somebody other than me!

Greg's sick. Fever, aches, stomach bug. Yuck.
I'm sick. Cough, sore throat, aches. Yuck.

So I called off work tonight and hung out with my babies all day since Greg is sicker.

It was about 65 and beautifully sunny today. Lo napped for 3 hours straight (Thank you God!). So Ryan wanted to play with his water stuff in the back yard. A bit too chilly, but whatever! So we got out his water table and whale sprinkler. He had a blast! Then he had to pee. I was way too light-headed to take him inside to pee so I showed him the benefit of being a boy- peeing outside.

Brilliant, huh? Or not. He then proceeded to pee in the living room this afternoon! Oops! Also, it was WAY too cold to be naked in the back yard!

Then we were bored so we decided to go look at puppies and kittens. This led to Ryan requesting a fish tank.

Meet our newest family member:


Please take note that Swimmie is plain orange. Read: easy to replace without a curious 3 year old noticing. Ryan is obsessed with him! He resides right in the living room so they can watch cartoons and eat fruit snacks together (Ryan's words, not mine).

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