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Monday, January 20, 2014

They're always so sweet....

Could someone PLEASE pass Lauren the memo that kids with Down syndrome are always happy and sweet? Snuggly and adorable?

Okay, she's almost always adorable. But now that she's almost 2 she is crazy! Does it magically occur to kids right around their second birthday that they can wreak havoc in many ways?

Those are chips. It's like a chalk outline from a crime scene! Look how proud she looks? She's not even kind of sorry. In fact, when I saw her I immediately exclaimed, "Lauren!!!" and do you know what she did? She clapped and asked for a kiss.
She's like a tiny, chubby, baby monster.
She also managed to lock herself in the bathroom this morning by getting in (with a suspected accomplice of about three and half feet tall). She got in, opened the drawer to the vanity and blocked the door from being opened. I tried to shut the door through the tiny opening with a straw. She took the straw. FINALLY after much coaxing she shut the drawer and I grabbed my make-up and deodorant covered baby out of there.
And now Ryan is kindly sharing a snack of sparkly hot-air balloon stickers with his baby sister. Who are these tiny creatures and how the heck did they get in my house?!


  1. At least she's still being cute and mostly sweet while getting into mischief. I thought the twos were terrible, but the threes are starting to feel hard. My used-to-be mostly sweet girly has learned how to yell really loudly lately and isn't afraid to complain about every little thing. But the cuteness sure helps, doesn't it. I'd have loved to see Lauren covered in makeup and deodorant!

  2. My son turned two on April 9th and I feel your pain! I can see his behavior slowly turning more mischievous but its still so cute. These kids?!