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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Almost 2

I haven't blogged in forever. We're busy! Were about to get busier... Come this fall I will be in school (I'm getting my bachelors degree in nursing. Not necessary but I want it), my husband is going back to school full time and BOTH kids will be in preschool.

Yes, we are crazy.

Lauren is likely starting preschool in the fall!! She'll be 31 months. Our district says that kids in special Ed can start preschool at 29 months. So we're getting a year less of early intervention than we thought. I'm terrified.

I am pretty sure Lauren will love school. She's a social butterfly! But she's my baby, I don't feel ready and this is a big jump outside of my comfort zone. Good thing we have all the way to September.

Lauren also recently had her 2 year checkup. Yep, she's almost 2!! She's doing well. She's healthy ( she had pneumonia but recovered well with antibiotics and didn't need to be hospitalized) and loved the doctors office.

Ryan wa sick too so we took him to his pediatrician yesterday for a re-check. He's A-okay and barely cried! He played with baby sister really well and even found a group of kids to talk to. He introduced Lauren to them (without any prompting) because she was waving like crazy and saying hi! He's such a good boy!

She's obviously pretty delayed. The one thing she scored on age-level were her social skills. If you've ever met Lauren I'm sure you're not surprised! 

She's pretty delayed in motor skills, even for a kiddo with Down syndrome. We're having her see the physical medicine team to find out if there's a "why" other than her already diagnosed significant low muscle tone. I'm sure they'll make some physical therapy recommendations. Unfortunately, Lauren hates physical therapy and our insurance doesn't cover it. I'm not paying a bazillion dollars for something she can't/won't participate in. Maybe I'll sign her up for a toddler gymnastics class or something, I don't know. We're going to have to be creative! Her Medicaid coverage ends in a couple of months and we can't afford to pay out of pocket for therapy.

She is crawling like a maniac as cruising on the furniture like a champ! She even took a few steps with a push toy a couple of times. I think that some kids will do things as they're ready an as their muscles mature, regardless of how many therapy interventions we throw at them. Or maybe I'm just telling myself that to make me feel better. 

I'm eager to see the physical medicine peeps to get their take on it! 


  1. Our primary insurance doesn't cover any therapies either, only for restorative purposes. Boo on her medicaid ending...your state doesn't have a waiver based on dx?
    Congrats on going back to school..for everyone! And, as always she's super cute!

  2. Mya's medicaid ended back in Oct. That was a sad day, we really appreciated it as a secondary ins. Lauren is getting so big and beautiful, and I can't believe all the things she is doing. :)

  3. Lauren is ahead of where Cora was at that age for gross motor. But between 2 and 3 things really took off. She started independent walking at almost 3. She hated PT too so we never did it beyond EI. I really th k she just had to wait until she was ready and until she was strong enough. She walked holding my 2 hands for months. Some kids just take more time and that's ok. A friend of mines little girl is about her age and on the same schedule for walking. That mother sought one of specialist advice, got braces that went WAY up her legs, and was convinced she wouldn't walk due to foot and ankle instability. Well she is now walking just fine too. It just takes time sometimes. Lauren sounds like she is doing So well!