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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Service Dog

Those of you who know us in real life or on Facebook know about Lauren's struggle with elopement. It's been absolutely terrifying. Words cannot even express the fear that comes when your child disappears. It's not poor parenting, it's not inattentive parents. It's a very real part of disability and something a lot of autism and Down syndrome families struggle with every day.

Lauren is getting a service dog this spring! He will be trained to prevent her from elopement. He is also being trained in search and rescue so he can locate her if she does elope.

It's all private pay. We were fortunate to find an awesome organization that while still expensive, is much less so than other larger organizations. Some service dogs cost around $30,000! Lauren's dog, Monte, will end up costing us right around $7,000. More including travel, as the program is out of state.

We've been there once to meet him, the program director, and his trainer. We'll travel again in late April to train and then bring him home. So you'll all be seeing us with a very important addition in the near future!

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