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Sunday, March 30, 2014

I'm baaaaack!

I haven't updated in forever. Largely because my Blogger app crapped out on me and I can no longer blog from my iPhone. Oh the horror!

Girlfriend is two now! She's the cutest little toddler around. She's cruising on the furniture, she can walk sideways and forward (if she feels like it) while holding onto both of my hands. Some times she gets really excited and has to sit down to clap for herself after about 3 seconds. She's also started singing (total nonsense, but with a tune) whenever we sing to her. She can now sign more, eat, drink, apple, spider, dog and she waves hi and bye. She also says a handful of words and will occasionally bust out with a couple of words strung together. She told me happy birthday last week, no joke!

She starts preschool in the fall! (What?!) I'm excited because I think she'll love it but panicked because it's 4 (half) days a week. I'm still kind of in denial.

We celebrated her 2nd heart-day on Saturday! She had her heart surgery 2 years ago, it's so hard to believe. At the time it felt like she'd never get better. And today you'd never ever know she was so sick. We are so incredibly blessed!

Ryan is a crazy 4 year old and SO much fun. Today he finally got to take a coat-free walk outside without the risk of frostbite. He's loving school and asks to go every day. Lately he and Lauren have been so sweet with each other, it's so amazing to watch. And obviously Jesus, my adorable baby nephew most often known as "Baby Cousin" makes almost daily appearances at our house. The best part is that by late September, the cousin brood will grow by two more kids. Both of my sisters are pregnant!!!

It feels great to be back to the blogging world!

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