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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Today was a BIG DAY for both of our kids.

Ryan got up this morning, got dressed for church (in a button up shirt, no less). Then when it was time to leave, he put his shoes on, got in the car, and we went to church. This sounds normal, right? This has NEVER happened before. Ryan has a lot of anxiety surrounding leaving the house. Even to go places he likes (like church), it's not easy for him. Greg works most every Sunday, so it's generally just me, as it was today. I am so incredibly proud of him. I even let him get an Oreo McFlurry after church to celebrate!

And Lauren read us a book today. Seriously. Read. Us. A. Book. I just happened to look in her backpack for the first time over Christmas break (school starts tomorrow, don't judge me) and they sent home a book for her to read. The other kids in her class have been getting books sent home, but she wasn't ready yet. So I pulled it out and told Greg, "Lets see if she knows any of these words." Um, she did. She read us the whole dang book. It's pre-reading skills and not decoding, but she had to recognize "I" and "am". Then she had to look at the pictures to give her some clues as to what the verb was. I wish I knew how to post videos on here!

In other amazing news, my husband and I talked and it looks like I'm going to the DSDN Rockin' Mom's Retreat in September!!!!! I am SO EXCITED to meet in person (finally) some friends I met online over 6 years ago when we got Lauren's diagnosis prenatally. I can't wait.

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