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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Summer is coming to an end

School starts back up in 6 days. Hallelujah! My kids thrive on structure and are both getting sick of being home all day. It's a new school for both of them, so Ryan has some first day jitters for sure. I don't think Lauren really gets that it's a new school for her. One of her friends (at least one) from preschool is in her kindergarten class so I'm super happy about that!

We spent last weekend with Greg's parents up north at Torch Lake. We had such a great time! I was so worried about Lauren - how she'd behave, if she'd escape, how she'd sleep, etc. She did mostly great. She slept just fine, though every time I sleep with her now makes me hopeful that her upcoming tonsillectomy will help her. She's not had a sleep study but clearly has sleep apnea. She moves around a ton, snores, and gasps for breath in her sleep. October 5th can't come soon enough, though I am really not looking forward to surgery and recovery for her.

Anyways, we spent the weekend on the boat, having campfires, playing games, and walking around town. It was just what we needed! Lauren did great, she couldn't escape from the camper. She was a little tricky behavior wise just because she has no awareness of danger (ie getting on/off the boat, crossing the street, wandering away, walking to the bathroom). We went out to breakfast one day and she had to go potty. I had to hold her by the shoulders and literally steer her toward the bathroom because she just walks in whatever direction she's pointed regardless of what/who is in her way. Not so safe in a crowded restaurant! I'm pretty sure her foot was hurting too, we did some walking and it was clearly difficult for her. I'm rethinking waiting until spring for her surgery. There really isn't a good time for me to take more time off of work (she'll be 6 weeks non weight bearing). Life is stressful!

Anyways, I took a few pictures of our amazing weekend! It was my first time at Torch Lake and it really is as beautiful as they say.

The kids had a great time up north, walking around the campground, going on the boat, swimming in the lake, and just being kids! Ryan wasn't thrilled with the walking, but did super great and loved going for rides in the quad runner! It was a great trip and we can't wait for next summer so we can go again!

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