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Saturday, March 4, 2017


Ryan has been noticing a lot lately and becoming a lot more observant! He wanted to know why my blog isn't called Meeting Ryan. I assured him that I write about him too!

He "failed" his vision screening at school a while back, we just got the letter in the mail. So Monday afternoon he has his first visit to the eye doctor! He was mad when I told him because he was afraid people will make fun of him if he wears glasses. Then he told me that everyone at his school wears glasses, so I wonder if maybe he's just nervous in general and wanted to argue about it. I've actually been wondering lately if he was having a hard time seeing things, plus he gets headaches, so I was not at all surprised when the letter came home. If he needs glasses he is going to look so adorable!!!

He is turning into such a man lately. He has a YouTube channel (heavily monitored by mom and dad). He's building Legos like a champ. He's doing great in school. He has a new friend at his table in his class, she's from the VI program (visually impaired). I am so excited about this!! He asked me what VI meant so I explained it meant visually impaired, which just meant she has a hard time seeing. The advocate in me had me wanting to ask him what kind of accommodations she gets, if she has a para, if she goes to resource room, if everyone's being nice to her...but he's 7 and honestly doesn't care what kinds of accommodations she has, lol. His teacher put her at his table because he's such a welcoming boy and used to kids being a little different. Proud mom moment!

My heart is overflowing with love for this boy.

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