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Friday, July 8, 2016

She's learning so much

Lauren has been learning like crazy lately!

I got home from work today and I asked Lauren what she did. I do this every day and sometimes I get an answer. Most often she tells me "uh-uh" or "go away" or my personal favorite, "pee-pee", which are her go-to responses when she's not sure what to say.

Today, however, I got a real response! She told me "Renee house", "Renee dog" and "I pee my pants". I asked her where she peed her pants and she told me "Renee house". She did indeed go to Renee's house and saw Renee's dog! I don't actually think she peed her pants, Ryan said she didn't! She is apparently picking up potty humor and thinks it's completely hilarious to answer questions with inappropriate answers. This week at Kroger a lady asked her what color her shoes were and Lauren responded, "Pee!" Luckily the kind woman thought Lauren was trying to say pink!

On Wednesday for the very first time she asked another child their name without any prompting! She went up and said, "Hi baby! What name?" While signing "name". I was so super excited! Unfortunately the child she chose to talk to was really young and not able to answer, but still! That is a big development!

We have been going on bike rides lately because we bought Lauren a bike seat for my bike. She LOVES it and asks to go all the time. Her favorite thing to do is look for dogs. Today she wanted to look for dogs, cats, and babies. We saw a baby and 2 dogs so I'd call it a win.

I just feel like she's a little sponge lately, she is soaking up everything around her and talking so well. And so much. She says all of our names so clearly. She calls me mom, mama and mommy. She pronounces mommy like mah-nee, with an n. It is SO adorable. She can say daddy now, where she used to say da-ee. She says potty now instead of pa-ee. She will at least try to repeat almost anything. We have this one particular book of animals and she can say so many of them now! Kangaroo, turtle, dolphin, monkey, butterfly, camel, tiger, lion, hippo....and she says them spontaneously when she sees their pictures. She knows the animal sounds for a ton of animals and has a specific roar for the tiger, lion, and bear. She will tell me "bird fly in sky!" while flapping her arms and pointing the sky. On our bike ride today we saw an airplane and she said, "Mama! Airplane in sky! By airplane!"

We got a new playscape for our backyard! We got it used and it is amazing! The kids really love it. We had a party on July 4th and while we had everyone over, we made them work for their dinner! We'd had it in our side yard for a week but it was huge and heavy and we needed as many hands as possible to get it over our fence.

And this guy. He has been so sweet to his sister lately! He's been inviting her to play with him and sharing his toys so well.

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