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Saturday, January 30, 2016

So incredibly blessed.

Tonight was one of those kind of nights that make life so, so worth living. Lauren was so engaged and animated! She sang tons of songs, we danced. She likes to sit Indian style in my lap, facing me. Then she rests her arms on my chest so our faces are literally touching.

She was just killing me with cuteness today! She had been picking more phrases every day and saying the funniest things. Here's some of her newest phrases:

"Go away!"
"I can't"
"Want more water, please"
"Ryan's a boy"
"Me count!"
"Be right back!"

She is starting to learn her colors. She will initially call everything blue, but if you press her for an answer she can often give the right one. She can count to 3. She can draw a circle if I draw one first. We ate dinner at my parent's house last night and my dad grabbed a bottle of wine and Lauren yelled, " wine!!". It was so funny!

She has been super affectionate, telling us "I love you" frequently. I asked her today if she wanted to go to the mall tomorrow and she was pretty mad that we weren't going that very minute.  She loves school and tells me about her friends by name.  She recently charmed her gymnastics teacher into a tour of the competitive area, she was so excited!

Never ever did I imagine that almost 4 would be like this. I couldn't think that far ahead when she was a baby and certainly not while I was pregnant. She turns 4 in just two weeks. How did we get here so fast?

I'm sure most people in the special needs community have read Welcome to Holland. If you haven't, you should! People either love it or hate it. I love it. I got a shirt recently that says, "Holland Tourist. Its beautiful here." And it really, truly is. I could go on and on about what Lauren has taught me so far in the 4 years I've enjoyed being hers. She has taught me to slow down, enjoy each moment and to take pride in every little accomplishment (for both kids). I've learned to celebrate the little things with just as much vigor as the big things.

For the life of me, I just cannot imagine why God chose me to be her mama. It is an honor I'm sure I don't deserve.

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  1. Shes grown so much!! Shes absolutely beautiful. ♡