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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Long time no update!!

I haven't had time to write anything in months. Life is crazy here!

We had Lauren's IEP for preschool. She'll be getting PT weekly (unless she walks before school starts) and speech 3x a week! Plus they have picture boards in the classroom for her to point at and they'll continue to sign with her. It makes me feel SO much better that she'll have three ways to communicate with her teachers and classmates.

Ryan will be going to the same school! It's our district's "head start" (I think) and it's luckily house at the special ed preschool. I am so so happy that my kids will be at the same school!! I'll drop them off in the morning and they'll take the bus home together. How cute is that?! I was worried about them going to the same high school...kind of getting ahead of myself. And now they're going to the same preschool! It's 4 days a week, they'll get home around noon. What the heck am I supposed to do in the mornings?! Oh yeah, sleep.

Lauren is sooo close to walking. She's cruising on the furniture like a champ, she'll even go from one piece of furniture to another without sitting down. She walks with her push toy like she invented the idea. And she now will walk (when she feels like it) holding both of our hands! That stereotype about people with Down syndrome being stubborn? Yeah, she proves it true. But some of that might come from Grandma Pam.

I do have some sad news. Our sweet Maizy pup has passed away. It was horrible, she was only 2 years old. She was so sick and I am so glad she's not suffering, but I miss her so much every day.

By a twist of fate, divine intervention or dumb luck, we ended up with a new dog who happens to be one of Maizy's puppies! When we met Maizy she was pregnant....with Sky.

Sky is 11 months old and FULL of energy, excitement and craziness. She's getting spayed in 2 weeks and my sister suggested that it might benefit us all if they did a lobotomy at the same time. LOL!

Life is nuts here, I'm looking forward to the schedule-free laziness of summer. It will be nice to have a break before we're throw into a busy schedule of "real school" and the schedules that go along with it! I really miss blogging, maybe I'll even have some time to get back to writing.

Me and Lauren. I love that she still loves the Ergo!

Ryan and Aunt Kristen!

The Three Muskateers
Meet Sky! This will probably be the only picture you'll ever see of her sitting still.
See? They do like each other. I told them to do this.
Lauren's Easter dress!

Ryan/Batman at the Easter egg hunt at our church!
Ryan at our family Easter celebration! Isn't he just so handsome?!
And last, but not least...The cutest couple you've ever met. Us!

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