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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Life's little surprises

When we found out that Lauren would be born with Down syndrome I was sad that she wouldn't be smart.

Well, she is SO smart! At not even 11 months old she has two spoken words, Dada and Bubbles. She says Dada with purpose, obviously meaning Greg. Bubbles is what my kids call my twin sister and Lauren will repeat it when asked, if she feels like it.

I'm pretty sure she tried to sign mama today! Seriously!

Two spoken words and an almost sign and 10 months old.

And I thought she wouldn't be smart!

Her awareness and alertness has really taken off just in the past week or two. She seems so aware of her surroundings and seems to be constantly taking in information and learning. It's so wonderful to see!! It's like a switch went off or something and now shes constantly learning.


  1. That makes me happy.

    She looks so gorgeous in her Christmas dress, by the way! Too bad she can't wear it multiple years! ;-)