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Saturday, December 15, 2012

I am overwhelmed

I am overwhelmed. Can I say that out loud?

I am overwhelmed with work, doctor's appointments, therapy appointments, crazy kids, co-op preschool, school for Greg, the house. Life.

Greg is working his butt off right now, he's working full time plus taking classes 3 nights a week. So he's pretty much never here during the week. So he's the one I take it out on, which is so not fair to him. I'm a jerk. We never see each other because I work at night and he's gone all day. I need a break. I cancelled two appointments this week and one for next week- and I don't feel guilty at all. (I rescheduled, I promise!) I want to just stay home with my kids and husband and not having any plans. I miss sleeping in the same bed as Greg, much less actually spending time with him!

I'm being horrible to him and do you know what I woke up to this afternoon? Flowers. Seriously. I love this man! He gets me.

I woke up today around 2. As soon as I opened our bedrooom door I heard Ryan from the living room. "Mommy!!!! You're awake!"

Lauren was giving me hugs and kisses and smiles.

Greg had flowers on the kitchen table for me.

How in the world would I make it without my family? They are my everything.

Lauren saw her cardiologist this week. She's doing great! One doctor said he heard murmers from the two residual holes (ASD and VSD) along with some moderate valve regurgitation. The other doctor, her main cardiologist, said she only still has the residual ASD that we knew about and that it's not posing any problems at all. We don't go back until July. She'll have another echo then (probably sedated which freaks me out)- the first since being discharged from the hospital in April. If everything looks okay we'll only need yearly appointments. Crazy!

It amazes me that Lauren is doing so many typical things. She repeated "bub" today twice when my sister was trying to get her to say "Bubbles" (my kids call her Aunt Bubbles or just Bubbles). She's trying to crawl. She took all of the wipes out of the package today and was trying to eat one when we caught her. Her whole head was wet from the wipes! She is waving at everyone now.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I can't believe I was sad about her! I know it's part of the process and that it's totally normal. But nothing about her is sad, she is amazing! Greg took the kids to Costco while I slept today. A man came over to them and asked about Lauren and said she was really beautiful. Greg noticed a little later that his daughter also had Down syndrome! I love meeting other Ds families. I wish I'd have been there! I think we need a secret handshake to alert other Down syndrome families that we're part of the club!

See, she's already helping with the laundry!

Oh, hey! Just waiting to show the cardiologist how cute I am!


  1. Oh sweet girlie IS so beautiful. And I feel you. It's so easy to feel overwhelmed. Thank goodness for loving these needy little people we live with (and for husbands bearing gifts!)

  2. She is amazing and is doing so well. I've said it before, most times she doesn't look like she has DS. I think there is so much therapy helping people w disabilities like DS now that they move along pretty well. It's so great.

  3. Thanks for understanding, it's nice to know I'm not the only one!