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Monday, December 10, 2012

9 month check-up

Today was Lauren's 9 month well visit, a little bit late. She'll be 10 months on Wednesday.

She's doing really well! The pediatrician said she's growing fantastically. I will never get tired of hearing that!

I asked about the crazy amounts of spitting up going on. She said we could stop fortifying her formula (it gives it more calories but can be hard on the stomach). We also got a prescription for Zantac in case it's reflux. She said if neither of those things work we can look into a milk intolerance. FINGERS CROSSED it's not that. It would mean switching to soy formula, which is constipating. Not five minute ago Lauren screamed bloody murder while pooping because I forgot to give her prune juice this morning. I'm hoping to avoid anything that might make her even more constipated.

I was worried because Lauren barely grew at all, weight wise, since her last appointment. She was 15.7lbs and now she's 15.9lbs. But she did grow an over an inch an a half! She's holding steady in the 40th to 50th percentile for both height and weight on the Down syndrome growth charts. There's some discord about using the DS charts or not but our health system chooses to use them. Lauren's head circumference is 16.2 inches. Tiny! Not even on the typical charts. Her doctors aren't concerned because it's always been small.

It's so wonderful to hear how great she's doing from the doctor. I LOVE it!!

And our pediatrician had some very encouraging words for us today. Her daughter is in high school and is on her school's gymnastics team. On a team they frequently have meets against there is a girl with Down syndrome. She's a junior in high school and she's pretty good! Our pediatrician said the girl is really flexible which probably helps her out and that gymnastics has probably been great for her strength! She said both teams always cheer for her and encourage her. High school girls can be pretty cool, huh? I'm so excited to hear of these kinds of stories!

Lauren's been pretty fussy since her appointment. She had 3 shots plus she had to get her blood drawn. Blood draws really stink for her because her veins are so little. Today was no different :(

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