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Friday, July 20, 2012

Summertime fun!

Life has been so busy and incredibly fun! Sometimes I feel stretched in a million directions because of work but I do like it.

We've been doing fun summer things over here! Going to the park, playing outside, going on picnics. Here's a couple picnic pictures!

I guess I might be a little biased, but isn't he just so handsome?!

It was sunny!

Lauren has started doing some new things! Three weeks ago she couldn't even really pick up her head during tummy time, much less roll over. Now not only does she roll from her back onto her belly, but she props herself up on her elbows and looks all around! It's the cutest thing to see, she is so interested in what's going on around her.

I'm excited for EI in the fall and everything, but I think this proves my theory that at least for us, therapy is not the end-all-be-all. We had one group therapy session three weeks ago. We were supposed to go last week but I was exhausted after working all night so we skipped it. She just needed to build up some strength and get a little older. I am so stinkin' proud of her! She can't quite roll from her belly to her back yet (she doesn't have the upper body strength-probably a combination of after effects of her surgery and Down syndrome) so she gets a little mad when she's had enough of tummy time. It's so cute I feel really bad when she cries!

Lauren has an appointment to be evaulated for a cranial molding helmet on Monday! Her head is pretty dang flat. Her pediatrician made the referral since she will probably not sit up for a while, which just gives her head more time to get flatter rather than round out. Ryan had one too and it was adorable. He only had to wear it for 6 months. Isn't he the most adorable little chunk?!

Here's the catch: I will be at the hospital with my sister because she's getting induced on Sunday night. (YAY!) So Greg took the day off so he can take Lauren. He's threatening to get her a helmet pattern with guns and knives, LOL! Luckily the University of Michigan orthotics clinic has a ton of cute patterns to choose from, most of them are girly. Greg has been threatened with bodily harm if he picks out a boyish pattern. I'm half expecting him to pick out cammo or something. Yikes! I'm kind of tempted for him not to tell me what he picks and I'll just find out when we go to have it fitted/adjusted! Pray for me, haha.

There's a chance they won't give her a helmet yet since she's a little behind in head/neck control but at least they'll evaluate her so they can make a decision. Lauren's flatness isn't as bad as Ryan's was so maybe they'll even say she doesn't need it. I feel somewhat bad because how the heck do both of my kids need helmets?! The doctors said Ryan's was because of how he was positioned in my uterus combined by the fact that I was in labor for 15 hours before my emergency C section. Lauren's is because she didn't have the neck strength to turn her head from side to side as a new baby and now it's just easier for her to lay in one position. We have tried EVERYTHING to get her to turn her head the other way when she sleeps but it's a no-go.

Whatevs, apparently I just have kids with misshapen heads. At least they're cute, right? I'm kind of bummed about it with Lauren where I wasn't at all with Ryan. Maybe I feel a little guilty about her having so many health problems (although I know it's irrational- especially because she is SO healthy now). Maybe I am just bummed because she won't be able to wear hair bows for a while. Probably both. People already stare at her because of her extensive cuteness, now they'll stare because of her extensive cuteness AND adorable helmet! No joke- we can't go out in public with her if we're trying to make it quick. We are always stopped at least once for people to tell us how cute our kids are. It's tough, but it's our cross to bear.

I promise I will post pictures of my new baby nephew!! I cannot wait to meet him! He's already told me that I'm his favorite family member so it's really awesome that we'll get to meet in person soon :) Both of my sisters have been aunts for over 2.5 years and it's finally my turn!!! Always a bridesmaid, never a bride ;) My kids need a cousin!

I almost forgot to tell you! Lauren tried avocado and loved it!! Okay, I lied. She actually ate guacamole off of a chip, but I thought you'd judge me.


  1. She'll be adorable no matter what the helmet pattern but you are braver than me letting your husband pick - mine would try to pick the cutest one and end up with the tackiest one.
    guacamole is an absolutely a veggie in my book - go for it

  2. Yay for rolling!! My now 6 yr old needed a helmet, in my opinion, but the docs said it was too symmetrical and wouldn't give her one. She now has the flattest head ever. Luckily it's covered with hair, but this kid can't wear ponytails ;)