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Monday, July 23, 2012

Mashed potatoes, a new baby and a helmet

First and foremost, I am an aunt!!! My sister had her baby and he is GORGEOUS!!! His name is Jesus Robert Enriquez, he weighed 6lbs 1oz and I love him!! My sister is seriously super mom. She was in labor for 30 hours and pushed for 4 hours. She is a champ!!

Lauren had her helmet evaluation today. She gets her helmet on August 6th! I was worried that they wouldn't give it to her but her head control really is fine, she just obviously nowhere near sitting independently which is part of the reason her pediatrician wanted it in the first place. I wouldn't even call her head flat in one spot, her whole head is just shaped "weird" for lack of a better word. I'm happy in a way, I would hate to regret not doing it later when it's too late. If we were to "wait and see" we could possibly miss our window of correcting this and her facial features could end up distorted due to her head shape. And her facial features are pretty dang cute, we don't want them to change!

A couple of weeks ago I had been telling the EI people that it didn't seem like Lauren noticed her surroundings. For example, if she fell asleep at home and woke up at a restaurant she wouldn't notice. Well, that has changed! When we got back to the exam room today she could not stop looking around! It was so cute, I love seeing her become more aware of her surroundings.

She is currently sleeping (hallelujah! Sleep has been hit or miss in this house lately) and wearing 6 month sized pajamas! My baby princess is growing up! I swear I never thought she would be so chubby and healthy. I was shopping for a friend's baby shower a week or so ago and noticed a preemie outfit. How in the world did my chunky Lauren ever fit in that size?!

Lauren has also expanded her repetoire of foods she's tried to include mashed potatoes and gravy. I swear, I'm not giving her real bites, just little tastes! She smacked her lips and smiled so I think she liked it! My mom makes the best meatballs, mashed potatoes and gravy ever so I'm not surprised she liked it. I'm not totally sure when we're supposed/going to start baby food and baby cereal. I've heard that a lot of kids with Down syndrome start solids late but I'm not sure how late. I've also heard that waiting too long to start solids can lead to some texture aversions and delay learning to eat real food. Our pediatrician didn't mention it at our last appointment and we don't go back until September 10th. Either way, I'm sure little tastes of food here and there aren't doing any harm. At this point she still needs to get extra calories through fortified formula anyway.

Here is my amazing nephew! We are one blessed (and attractive) family!


  1. That is one cute baby :) Not that I'm biased or anything

  2. awww - sweet baby!
    Cate started with rice cereal at 5 months and did great with it. We quickly moved up to oatmeal then baby food veggies & fruit. I made her first cereal pretty much the consistancy of a milk shake but she never even gagged - actually she ate it like it was chocolate cake - waving her hand for more. For Cate we followed the regular old recommendations for starting cereal then adding veggies & fruits at level 1 one food every couple days. Sounds like Lauren is ready to give it a try soon too!