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Monday, November 21, 2011

Making Progress

We're finally making progress on both kids' rooms! Ryan's new bedroom is totally empty and we (by we I obviously mean my wonderful husband) will probably paint this week! We chose a light blue/grey for Ryan's room. His furniture is dark cherry wood. Once he switches to a toddler bed (not for a while) we're going to put some Disney Cars stuff in his room and we're getting him a Cars road rug for his toy cars for his birthday next month. I'm so excited to see it done!

For Miss Lauren's room we chose a light grey paint. I think it will look awesome with the white nursery furniture! We're planning on simple pale pink bedding, provided I can find what I like within our budget. I'm finding I have expensive taste, haha.

It feels so great to be getting things done! And a huge thank you to my wonderful mother and father in law for coming over to help us so much over the past couple of weeks!

I'll try to take some pictures (why do they never turn out?!) once both rooms are finished!!


  1. Jackie!! I saw this nursery online and thought you might like it for inspiration because they also chose light grey walls and white furniture for their baby girl :)

  2. omg i guess it would help if i left a link!