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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Getting ready!

We've finally started getting ready to make room in our house to become a family of four! We're doing a bedroom switch-a-roo. Our son, Ryan, will get the spare bedroom (it's bigger and he's older, it's only fair!) and we'll put Lauren in Ryan's current bedroom.

Guess what the best part is? I get to redecorate 2 rooms out of the deal!

The spare bedroom is plain beige currently. We're painting it probably a light blue and will keep Ryan's dark furniture for his new room. I can't wait! The nursery is currently an awful shade of green (I admit, I have terrible taste in paint colors) with a really cute brown cow theme. We're redecorating completely. We bought white furniture (I love Craigslist) and will paint the walls a very light pink.

Today we finally started clearing out the spare bedroom to get started on Ryan's new room! We moved the computer into the living room. Luckily my in-laws came over and helped us decide how to rearrange the furniture and helped us a ton. I love how it looks. We got rid of a ton of junk and found proper places for some more junk. I'm a bit of a packrat and it's really hard to keep everything when we don't have a basement.

Next on the list: Finish clearing out the spare bedroom and closet. Repaint. Move everything from Ryan's old room into his new room. Then we'll paint and set up Lauren's room!

We still need to reorganize our pantry, linen closet and our bedroom closet. I need a fairy godmother. Luckily I have hardworking husband, which is next best thing.

Our goal is to have Ryan sleeping in his new bedroom by Thanksgiving weekend and to have Lauren's room ready by Christmas. Yikes!!

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